Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16th. Final Report

Well, James is home and enjoying life after the mission. He is still a little lost and unsure of himself, but he will be fine. He came home on Wednesday, October 12th. He got to us at around 12:30 p.m. Besides his Mom and I, Jessica and Justin were also there. Anna and Jeff and their youngest two boys were also there, as well as Patricia and Jens and their two kids. It was a great reunion and it was wonderful to greet him as he came home. He was released as a missionary by President Horner later that afternoon. I think it struck him hard as he was released amd he realized he no longer had that mantel with him.
James was invited to report to the High Council this morning at 7:00 a.m. He shared a mission story with them and bore a powerful testimony.
James spoke in church today at 1:00 in the Heber 8th ward. It was a beautiful meeting. The rest hymn was a solo number by Anna Bennett Wilson, who was accompanied by Sister Wells on her harp. The topic James was given to speak on was, What it means to be converted to Christ." He did a great job and shared some beautiful stories about some of his converts from the mission.
After church we had a delicious luncheon at the house. All of the family was here, except for Kendra and Caleb and their family. Many of James' cousins and friends came, as well as his Grandpa Crittenden.
We are grateful that James has had the opportunity to serve a mission. We can feel that his testimony has grown and that he is satisfied with his accomplishments. We are thankful as a family for the blessings we have enjoyed while he served. We hope those blessings will continue with our family.

10/03/2011 Last e-mail from Brazil

Dear Dad and Mom,
Well its really hard to believe that this will be my second to last email in the mission. This is going to be a rough week for me with lots of goodbyes and then in the end a long awaited hello to the people that I love the most.
Well to tell you all about my last week. It was wonderful, we had a wedding and a baptism on Friday night and then general conference on Saturday and Sunday. I got to see lots of my good old friends from Satelite and Horto as they came to our chapel to watch Conference.
I really don't have a lot to say. I am kinda at a loss for words because it's hard to believe that this 2 year journey is coming to an end. So I have bought little souvenirs for everyone and I did send a little box home of some stuff this week but it won't get there until after I am home, I think. So I am getting my bags ready and I am ready to go. Well I love you all very much and I will see you all in 9 days. Love your son, Elder Crittenden


Dear Dad and Mom,
So this past week has been pretty normal for me to, not to much has happened other than we received a reference of a big family with lots of young men, 5 to be exact and all within the age of priesthood holders.
I hope that you all got my flight plans that I sent to you today, if not let me know and I will send them again. I really can't believe that my mission is finally ending and as I was getting my suitcases ready the other night I will need to send some stuff home so if you could put a little bit more money into my account so that I can do that next week that would be highly appreciated. I have been buying souvenirs for everyone these past few days and let me tell you it has not been easy. I really can't believe that my time is coming so quickly to an end, its only 2 weeks and I will be home.
So this week on Friday we are going to have the wedding and baptism of Deusa and her Husband Francisco. Unfortunately he will not be baptized this week but we are working with him and trying to get him to go to church, he still hasn't been and he promises us every week but ends up not going.
I am super excited to go to conference this year and hopefully I will be able to watch the priesthood session too, I am going to ask President to watch it at night the live session, because our house is right in front of the Capella and it would be easy for us to get home, without any problems.
As for the baptisms of Gabi, Junior and Danielly, well Gabi is going to be baptized on the 8th its already marked, Junior is for the 23rd of October but the sisters and his girlfriend is trying to convince him to move it up to the 8th with Gabi, and still nothing with Danielly, but we are all praying for her.
I am going to finish out my mission satisfied with the work and results of my mission. But still lots to do here and we have to go to an appointment now, but I love you all very much, if you could let me know what day and my topic for my homecoming talk that would be great too, and I will see you all here in 2 weeks. Love your son, Elder Crittenden