Monday, January 18, 2010

e-mail of January 18, with photos

Hey everyone! As far as I know the address that I sent you in the email is the correct one. I will try to write letters but I dont know what it will cost to send it to the US so I will try and find out and try to send home a letter. I dont know my street address here in Sobral and neither do the other elders that live here but it is right across the stree from a feira livre ( live market) if you can find that I dont have accesss to google earth otherwise I would look up the coordinates and let you know them. The train depot is also really close to our apartment. Everything here in Sobral is good, we have been teaching alot and having good success. Yesterday we were supposed to have a Baptism of one of our investigators but we had lots of appointments and my companion is the District leader and we ran out of time to do the interview and so we postponed the baptism until next week. We have a couple of other baptisms lined up for the next couple of weeks too. We have been teaching some men named Zacarias and Tarcisio, we taught them the Plan of Salvation and they had lots of questions and it was a really good lesson. We invited them to go to church yesterday and we didn´t expect them to go but a miracle happened and they were there. They really enjoyed it and the members really helped them feel welcome. Zacarias´ wife and his kids are members but he is not. Tarcisio is Zacarias´ wifes dad, so we have baptisms set up for them on the 31 of January and yesterday after gospel principles class I was talking with Zacarias and his wife and they wanted to know if after the baptism if I would send a picture of the baptism to the United States, I thought that was weird but I said I would so I think that they will be baptized. I really hope that they do because I know how much it will bless their life. As for other weekly happenings my companion and I had to travel to Tiangua on Thursday so he could give a Baptismal interview. We left at 11 on Thursday night and Tiangua is only an hour and a half drive from here so we got there at about 1. I loved Tiangua it is up on the mountains and it is really cool there. It was the perfect temperature there for me, but for the Brazilians, it was cold at about 85 degrees. Any way I bought a hammock and it is really comfortable to sleep in. As for the best way to get me mail, it doesn´t matter email I can check every Monday, but mail I will only get about every 6 weeks so if you send me a package with food make sure it can last for that long because I will only get it when we have zone conferences which my first one is this Wednesday I am excited. I dont know if you will get these pictures and videos but I will try and attach them they take a really long time. If you get the one of the man with the fire that is our investigator Zacarias and he is cooking cashew seeds to get the nut out, because apparently cashew seeds have acid that surrounds the nut and you have to burn it out so that is what he is doing and it was really cool to watch because they pop and shoots fire everywhere it is amazing. Thats all for this week love you all

Love Elder Crittenden

James and his companion. He mentioned how steep the hills were in Sobral.

James mentions the fiera livre (live market) in his letter. He says it's close to his house. I guess this is what that means. One of the arches in town.

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