Monday, June 20, 2011

e-mail of 6/20

Dear Dad and Mom,
Well that really was a great announcement at the beginning of the letter. (James' sister told him that she was having a baby, due in November.) It made me really happy that I will actually be home to meet this one soon after he comes out hahaha. As for a name I think that Randolph is a good name or you could call him Joao, which is a pretty common Brasilian name. When I get home I can teach you how to pronounce it.
So our week was really quite uneventful. Unfortunately, we didnt have any baptisms, but we will have one this week.
Yes Dad that city called Altos also has missionaries but not Elders. It's Sisters there and it is part of our zone, in fact it is because of the Sisters there that we had to make the trip out there to Campo Maior.
So this week was just a week of finding new people to teach and continueing with the ones that we were teaching.
We went and taught Lucia on Sunday night and when we got there she showed up with a little box that looked like a little present and she did a little game with us. She said that if we could guess what was in the box she would pray every time that we came, and we managed to guess what was in it, an egg and some little peppers. She said the closing pray and it was really powerful. It was the first time that she had prayed alone without our help and she prayed to have her husband change his mind so that they could get married and she could get baptized as soon as possible. It was really amazing.
We also started teaching some guys that were drunk the first time that we met them and marked to come back and teach,. One of them went to church with his son and really liked it.
The wedding of Francisco and Francisca didn't work out. We went to the Cartorio on Thursday and waited 2 hours for them and they showed up right after it closed for lunch. They didn't go to church on Sunday either so we are going to have to talk to them about that.
We had 14 investigators at the church on Sunday and we loaded up the sacrament room. It was really good.
That is about all that I have to say about this week. I have been buying some Souveniers, and I was thinking about sending them home but I think that it might be a little bit expensive to send home but I will see what I can do. Also that guy is asking me about those oil viles that he would like, if you could give me an answer as to whether you found them or not that would be great.
Love your Son,
Elder Crittenden


  1. is it like "joe-uh". cuz i met a black man who i believe was Portuguese and his name was Joao and that's how he told us to say it.

  2. I looked it up on Google translate, and it pronounces the name there, in Portuguese