Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mission Call change

President Case received an e-mail from the Church on September 11th, indicating that James' mission call had been changed to the Brazil Teresina Mission. He is still scheduled to report to the MTC in Brazil on October 21st. He received the official call from the church a few days later. One fun thing that happens here in Heber is a call from the post office early in the morning when a mission call comes in. James had been called when his first call came in and we called all of the family in a conference call when he opened that. It was really fun for him when he was called again to go get the new packet for his new mission assignment. As we investigated a little further, we learned that his new mission was created in July, from a division of his original mission, Brazil Belem, and the neighboring mission, Brazil Fortaleza. The following is a quote from the Church News in July: Missionaries in northern Brazil report that a new mission will be created in July 2009 from the existing Brazil Fortaleza and Brazil Belem Missions. The new mission will be the Brazil Teresina Mission and will comprise the state of Maranhão. This will be the 28th mission in Brazil and the 349th worldwide. Very few of the cities in the new mission currently have a Church presence in them. This mission will likely allow the opening of dozens of remote cities which have 50 to 100 thousand inhabitants. As we have learned more about the mission, it sounds very exciting. He will be able to work in areas that have not had a church presence before now. It will be a wonderful and spiritual experience for him. The Lord will bless him with many opportunities to bear his testimony and grow.

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