Friday, December 18, 2009

e-mail of December 18

Hey Everyone, This week has been crazy! First off it is my 9th week in the MTC so we are basically finishing off everything. Like we had our last SKYPE session but we can sign up for more if we want which we probably will. Also the last week in the TRC and we won't have teachers all of next week. If we don’t get our Visas by next week we will have to join a mega district, it is where they combine 2 districts into one room because they need our classroom. But going along with the visa thing, yes 31 came in yesterday and 5 people in my district got theirs yesterday. Three of them were going to Belo Horizante, and they left this morning at 6 a.m. we went and saw them off. The other 2 were my roommates and we are all going to Teresina, but they don’t leave until Monday. They are expecting a bunch more Visas to come in today but we haven't heard anything yet. If they don’t come in today then they will most likely come on Monday. It was so exciting to receive that many visas and then to hear that more would be coming in it is amazing. The past few weeks our Branch Presidency has been telling us to really start praying hard for our visas and the Lord has answered our prayers. I will ask you all to continue to pray for mine to come in because I am ready to go to Brazil. I have been getting stuff to send home that I wont need in Brazil, like my sweaters and what not. I will send some pictures also they finally got the machine fixed so I will send those. Well I am keeping you all in my prayers and I know that I am in yours but I will call you if I get my Visa because they give you 5 minutes to talk so be expecting one from me. I love you all Very Much and Have a Merry Christmas. Thank you dad for the political news and I would love to hear more about all the Obama stuff that is going on. Anyway I love you once again and my Christmas tree is amazing and missy's ornament is right in the middle you will see that in the pictures. Love Elder Crittenden

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