Friday, December 4, 2009

e-mail on December 4th.

Hey Everyone Thankyou for all of your letters and everything that I have been recieving, it is very appreciated. To answer some of the questions that I have gotten this week, The first one about my Visa. On Wednesday we got a new form that we had to fill out for our Visa apparently, it was a police record thing saying that they could get a police record on you. Really ridiculous,but anyway, we haven't heard anything else about them other than that. Four people got their visas here this last week but that is all that has gotten them. One of the sisters that got hers has been here like 11 weeks so she deserved it. Something that we found out that is new for all of us Brazilian missionaries is that since we are all here and not in Sao Paulo, all the teachers down there have not been doing hardly anything, so on Monday night we had a meeting talking about how we can be better missionaries, and then at the end they announced that each companionship would get a hour long session with a teacher in Brazil using SKYPE. I am so excited about this because we have two teachers for our district and both of them speak Continental Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese is very different from Portugal/continental in the way you prounounce certain things. But they are doing a good job at trying to change. I am learning the language quite quickly we have taught two lessons in the TRC in only portuguese and we did really well. I am even starting to forget how to spell some words in English because I want to spell them like they are spelled in Portuguese. For example, Christ is spelled like this Cristo and I always want to leave out the H now, its crazy. We are only talking in portuguese all the time unless we dont know how to say it but its amazing. So this last week has been exciting because of the SKYPE thing and also on Wednesday our district was chosen to be Hosts, and DRAG the new missionaries from their families and their cars and show them where their rooms and classroom was. It was awesome and it made me think back to my first day of being dragged away from the car. So I am glad that Jessica got here letters and tell her that she needs to write me back and also all of the Elders that wrote her, she needs to respond to them personally. Its funny that Elder Ashtons mom got ahold of you because he is in my District and we actually sleep in the same room he is one out of 4 in our District going to Teresina. Have mom sign up or whatever it is that she needs to do and have her keep in touch with his mom so I can find out what goes on elsewhere. This last Sunday during my missionary directed time I went to the RC and got to speak with some amazing people. I talked to this one lady from Georgia that of course had a very strong southern accent but I talked to her about all kinds of things in our church. She called in to request a free bible and then it went from there. I sent her the missionaries with a BOM and a Bible, I wanted to keep talking to her and sharing stuff with her but I had to go to dinner and I talked with her on the phone for about 25 minutes it was amazing. Thank you for the pictures everyone and keep sending them I almost have my wall covered I will try and send some pictures home of my turkey farm and all the other pictures but I cant hook my camera up to these computers so I will try to print some off if the machine isn't broken. I will keep you all in my prayers and I love you all so much! Love Elder Crittenden

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