Tuesday, February 23, 2010

e-mail of February 22, two letters combined. Como vai, Aqui no Sobral todas as coisas estao muito bom, ontem eu tinha um outro batismo de um homem chamado Evandro. Tambem tinhamos muito pesquisadores na capela e igreja foi bom de mais. (Everything is fine here in Sobral. We had a baptism of a man named Evandro. We also have many investigators attending church.) Para responder seu pergunta Brazil tem uma linha do Onibus mas nao aqui no Sobral. Brazil tem para outro cidades e Teresina tem uma linha do onibus mas nao aqui. Andamos todas as lugares na cidade, tem muitos pessoas que dirigir moto taxis que nos podemos usar mas esta muito caro. ( To respond to your question about the busses. There is no bus line here in Sobral. Some cities, like Teresina, have one, but we don’t. We walk everywhere we go here in town. We could take a taxi, but they are too expensive.) I hope that you can understand that I am sure you will find out a way. We had a baptism yesterday and hope to continue to have more. I talked to mom about this already but I could use more ties so if you could look through your ties and some that you don’t want or don’t wear you could send to me. It doesn’t matter to me what they have on them I could just use some more. The man that I baptized we gave Zacarias and Tarcisio ties as a present and taught them how to tie them. That is about it that has happened this week. Ate proxima semana (until next week). Love your son Elder Crittenden Hey mom, How are you mom? How are things at the school going? Are you ready for winter to be over too? I miss the cold a lot. The past couple of days it has been super hot here in Sobral and basically no rain which is odd, the people say for this time of year. They say that this time of year it usually rains everyday and really really hard. The man that I baptized Zacarias, we gave him and Tarcisio ties as a present and taught them how to tie them. Speaking of ties if you haven’t sent my package yet ask dad what of his ties he doesn’t want and you could send them to me to wear I am getting bored of the same ties and could use some more. I know that he has a lot of ties, and if he doesn’t mind departing from some of them. We had a baptism yesterday and it was awesome. That is about all that happened this past week. Love you very much mom! Love your son, Elder Crittenden

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