Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8th e-mail

Hi Dad, so you got the pictures I am glad. Dad I have a question for you, do you remember your first baptism? If so you should tell me about it. To answer your questions, first off we probably have a street address but I dont know what it is we live above a Pharmacy in an apartment building. So I don’t know about an address. I hope that you can see my area and everything and understand it is was kinda confusing probably. But anyway living conditions aren’t that bad, our apartment is pretty nice we have 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kinda of living room I guess where our desks are and a kitchen. The showers are always cold and it helps to wake me up in the morning. The kitchen and 1 of the bathrooms dont have working lights so at night time it’s kinda hard to cook if we are hungry. Speaking of food, no we don’t have food delivered to our house we have to buy our food. Our allowance that we get is 120 reais ($63.82) twice a month and we have to buy living things with it and use it to send cards and what not. Everyday we have lunch at 12 at a members house. If the member cant have us over for whatever reason there is a member in our ward that owns a restaurant and they give him money and we go and eat at this restaurant, we ate there 3 days in a row last week. There are food venders everywhere in the streets, that is where I bought cha de burro, so if you want you can buy food on the street and we do sometimes. As for laundry, I do my own laundry every P-Day. Since today is P-Day I did laundry and we have to hang it out one of our windows and it is now raining and it is probably soaked again, but that is life it rains alot here and really hard. We spent about an hour and a half at an investigators house while it rained, luckily we had the restoration film to pass the time and talked with her too. I will take a picture of how we do our laundry and send it next time. We have a washing machine but it doesn´t work so we use it as a wash basin. You will see in the next email. We have 4 beds in our apartment, but also our bedrooms and balcony has hooks for hammocks so I sleep in a hammock sometimes. That is all that I can think of to write about living conditions if you have any other questions go ahead and ask. You can tell Bro. Meeks and Bro. Kohler that they can email me and I would love to hear from them. Anybody else in the ward can email me too that would be great. As for my height, yes I do tower over most of them and they comment on how tall that I am. Also whenever my companion and I are walking down the street everyday all the little kids want me to speak english, they say fala inglês so I say fala inglês, that usually makes them laugh. So yeah I love the questions keep them coming, and Dad you should tell me about your mission. That flash drive idea is great I need a big one like 16 gb or even a 32 gb would be great but whatever you have will be awesome. I will back up all of my pictures and send them home when it comes. Dad I also need email addresses of Jenny, Heidi, Patricia, and Kendra. I will try to write them too. This next week Carnaval is starting and I got an email from president today that said that we had to return to our houses at 5 on 13,14,and 15 because it is dangerous. So that should be fun. We also have zone conference this Thursday with President. I gave my first blessing to Tarcisio who was sick this past week in Portuguese, it was cool. Yesterday Tarcisio and Zacarias were confirmed in Church. This past week not too much happened, and we didn´t have any baptisms but we are expecting 2 this week but we will see. I love you Dad and am excited to hear back from you. Write back with any questions and I will answer them. Love your Son Elder Crittenden

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