Tuesday, February 8, 2011

e-mail of February 8th

Oi Pai e Mae,
Parabens Pai seu Portuguese é muito bom! Você está usando meu Ipod muito ou você aprendeu mesmo? Eu estou planejando em aprender Espanhol quando eu chegar em casa entao você precisará me ajudar bastante. (translation: Congratulations Father your Portuguese is very good! You are using my Ipod very well or you learned well? I am planning on learning Spanish when I get home. Then you will need to help me some.)
So this week was pretty good. We didn't have a baptism. It fell through but this week we will for sure have one of a member who was less active but we reactivated him and now he wants to baptize his son.
So we had interviews with President on Thursday and it went really well. We had transfers today and my comp and I will stay together and Elder Daniel which was Elder Ashton from the MTC in my group is my new zone leader with Elder Romero.
So some news about here in Teresina, well its raining a lot here almost everyday. It has rained so that helps with the heat quite a bit. It is raining right now outside really hard and it's a good thing that we're inside. That's all that I have to say.
Last p day we went to the center and visited a catholic church and they let us go up into the bell towers but the only problem was that we didn't have our cameras to take pictures so we came back today to take pictures of us in the bell towers but it was closed when we passed by so we will have to come back next week.
So about my mission. Will we don't do door knocking. (In response to a question from me about tracting) In fact President told us not to door knock, so we work mostly with members references and with our own contacts that we do in the road.
That is so funny about the Mechams and them maybe passing on the program. They really needed that because they hoard a lot of stuff.
So I am about out of stuff to write about for this week too. I love you all very much and miss you all. Love your Son, Elder Crittenden

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