Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 28th. e-mail

Hi family,
So this week has been pretty good, sounds to me like you all had a good time there on the trek. It has been a little bit difficult to work with all of the world cup games going on and the funny thing about the US game is that I was told that they had lost about 50 times that same day. Everybody here was telling me that they would lose, so now I will have to cheer for Brazil. Today is their game and we wont even get a full P day we have to go back home at 3 and stay there until 6 which is when we will start working. I baptized someone on saturday but I forgot my camera so I will have to send you the Photos next week. The girl is the sister of Jonatah that we baptized about 4 weeks ago, she told us on Tuesday that she wanted to be baptized so we taught her the things she needed to know for baptism and baptized her on Saturday. Now we will be teaching her the rest. tomorrow is interviews with President, and we are doing a division with the assistants too. This week is also a big party/ festival for Sao Luis called Sao Joao and it is pretty crazy everyone has these costumes that they are buying and getting ready for it on the 30th I think. Even the church the youth here are doing a dance for it. We use the internet in Lanhouses or internet cafes and yes we pay for it. It usually isnt very much its only 1.50 reais for 1 hour so its not too bad. One thing that is using up my money really fast is using the busses which we have to use to go to other areas to do baptism interviews and divisions in our zone. To use the bus its 2.10 every time that you get on so its kinda expensive. I dont really have much else to say for this week other than things are going good and hopefully tomorrow I get my pictures and my card I will let you know next week. Also if you could please give me an answer about the Jazz stuff he wants to know about it so next week let me know what you found please. I love you all and until next week.
Love Elder Crittenden

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