Monday, June 21, 2010

E-mail of June 21st.

Dear Family, This week has been ok but a little bit difficult. With the games for Brazil and zone conference it was a long week. We had zone conference on Tuesday and it went really well it was also the first game of Brazil so after the conference we all went to our houses and waited til the game was over. President visited our house and he will reform it, that sounds weird in english but I cant think of the real word in english for it right now because in Portuguese it is Reformar so I will go with it I hope you understand. So he will reform our house and repaint it and some other things that should be good and I might be leaving here before its done so it may not even matter to me. When President was at our house on Tuesday it was during the game and when Brazil scored everything exploded the people in the bar below were watching the game and everyone cheered and there were fireworks going off and all these horns blowing and it was just crazy. Well President made the comment, `Wow you guys dont even need a tv to know what is going on with the game.´ I just realized that the keyboards here dont have quotation marks strange. Yesterday was a difficult day for people to go to church, because of the other Brazil game. We only had two investigators at church, also when I got there one of the speakers didnt show up so they asked me to give a talk. So yesterday I gave a talk in church on Prayer and it was good. We didnt have any baptisms this week and we are working on finding new investigators but it has been difficult because of the games. We havent had much else happen this week other than that. I have really had a desire to watch the games but we cant unfortunately and its worse because everyone talks about how great the goals were and everything. It is pretty funny all of the people here keep saying that the United States is going to lose but we are still in it. So for the bald man joke I think that they would put Unapplicable for him, and for the Oriental man I think yes he would become disoriented. These are really funny Dad I will tell them to some of the members here. Well I just would like to know about the Jazz Jersey and shorts for that other Elder so after the trek if you could give me an answer if you found some or not and just keep looking. I havent got my card with the pictures yet but it should have arrived in the mission office by now and we have interviews next week with President on Tuesday so I should get it next week I will let you know. I will be doing divisions the next couple of weeks so that should be fun. It is crazy to think but today is my 8 month mark. I have been in the field for 6 months already it is amazing how fast the time is flying. Well I am running out of things to write so I will finish this up with some questions. How are things in the US? What is Barrack Obama doing now? How are things in Heber? Who are some others who have got their mission calls in Heber and where? I love you all very much have Jessica write me and tell me how it feels to be graduated. I also want to hear from My big Bro Justin so he should write me. So until next week Love Elder Crittenden

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  1. Thanks for answering that last question I had. I have a couple more if it's not too much trouble. I've been looking for shoes to take, so I was wondering what kind of shoes Elder Crittenden is using, and if he has had a good experience with them? Also, I've heard that some mission presidents send missionaries letters with details about the mission, but I haven't gotten one. Did Elder Crittenden ever get a letter like that before he went into the MTC? Thanks for your help!