Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 7 e-mail

This was a fun letter. The family especially enjoyed the part about the coconut tree. James' sisters all agreed that they could picture him doing that. Read the letter.
Dear Family,
I am glad that you are all feeling summer there now, I have been feeling it down here for a while now and I think its nice of the Lord to share the heat with you all up there. The past week was a little bit cooler and it was nice for a change. Right now winter is ending here too and it is beginning to be summer here so it will probably just get hotter. Things are going good down here the work is still progressing well and everything is good with me. We didnt have a baptism this past week but we should have one this week. It has been raining everyday here and so we get wet all the time. Today we had lunch at some of our investigators house and she let us get coconuts from her tree. So I climbed up and got 12 coconuts and now we have them and will drink the milk tonight should be good. Right now my companion and I are preparing our training for zone conference on the 15th of this month and also busy with the work. That Elder would like an answer on the Jazz shorts and Jersey of the Jazz so next week if you could send a yes that you found them or no but he doesnt really care on the color he just wants of the Jazz ok. I will look at my debit card and see if it has expired or not, that is probably why I couldnt take out some money from it. This next week the world cup starts so things should be interesting here I dont quite know how they will be but we will see. So what are some of the other happenings in the USA and in good ol Heber City? What are the Pectols doing? Oh I met a guy at the bus station last Monday and he began talking to us about our church and everything and then he asked me if he could speak english with me and I he began speaking fluently with me. Turns out he is an English teacher here and he said that I speak Portuguese really well, and that I almost dont have an accent so that was cool. I dont really have much else to say other Than CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA FOR GRUDUATING and I wish I could be there but I want pictures. I love you all very much!
Elder Crittenden

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