Saturday, June 12, 2010

e-mail of 5/29

Dear Family, So this past week was pretty good, we had another baptism I baptized a kid named Huan on Saturday. This past week it rained everyday and so we got wet everyday. I will be staying here in Sao Luis for another 6 weeks as Zone Leader with my companion Elder Alonso. We have a meeting in Teresina tomorrow so we will take a bus tonight at 10 to Teresina. So with this Jury Duty if I am not excused from it what does that mean really? So to talk about the World cup here as far as I know it gets really really really crazy people drinking and in the bars watching the games and all of that, but we will still be working as normal President hasnt said anything otherwise. As for Jessica and her talk on commitment, I have been reading in Nephi lately and thinking about it and she could use the stories of Nephi how many times that his brothers went against him and tied him up or tried to take his life, or through all of his trials he always stayed committed to the Lord and didnt ever faulter from that. So she could tell some stories of Nephi and his commitment that he had to the Lord and relate it to our lives. I cant think of a short message for the newsletter right now I dont have my scriptures with me right now but I will try to think of one and send it home. As for the jersey for Elder Araujo he wants one of the Jazz and he wants a Jersey not a t shirt with shorts he needs them in size m and if you can get one of the blue ones thats what he wants so keep looking please. The shoe inserts that I have are just fine but I dont need anything special just some shoe inserts to change out with my other ones. One other thing that I still need here that would be really helpful is rechargeable batteries and a charger for my camera because I am using alot of batteries or a package of AA batteries because they are pretty expensive here in Brazil. I dont really have much else to say for this week other than I am excited to stay here in Sao Luis for atleast another six weeks and teach some of the people here that we have been preparing. We have quite a few Elders leaving this week and new ones coming in, one that is leaving his name is Elder Perry and he lives in Blue bell Utah he is related to Mont Wade and we are good friends now, it will be fun to see him again in a year and a little. Time really is flying by here in the mission field. Well thats it until next week I love you all, and I am praying for you always. Love Elder Crittenden

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