Monday, August 9, 2010

e-mail of July 26th.

Hi Family,
Well I am still here in Sao Luis and loving it. My new companion and I are getting along really well and yes we are doing something really fun for PDay. We are going to the Center of Sao Luis and seeing some of the museums and the old catholic churches and some other fun stuff like that so it will be good and I wanted to have money in case I saw anything good that I wanted to buy I could buy it. I am glad that Kendra and everyone got to North Carolina safetly without any other mishaps. The mission will pay for our trip to Teresina tonight we leave at 10 and should arrive there around 6 tomorrow morning and we have 4 days of training and I have no idea what else planned but it should be good. I baptized another person this past week her name is Talitah Rebekah and she is 9 it was really cool. We should have maybe 4 more this next week when we get back on Saturday to baptize I hope. Well I need to go but I love you all and until next week.
Love Elder Crittenden

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