Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, April 11

Dear Dad and Mom,
So this past week was really good also we didn't have a baptism but we had plenty of miracles that happened. We received a lot of references that are really really good.
That family that had the little boy that died, they went to church yesterday and liked it a lot and are really progressing. It was really sweet. This past week they called my comp and I angels sent from God and I had never been called that.
We also received another reference from the other Elders of a lady that was part of the universal church here in Brazil which is a break off from the Catholic church. Anyway, she was really strong in that church until they started asking her to sell her motorcycle and house and give the money to the church. That is when she starting doubting that church and one of her friends that was recently baptized into our church talked to her about it and she found the Elders and we started teaching her. She loved church yesterday too and took home with her a Gospel Principles manual and has been reading it, and the Book of Mormon. She is really one of the elect of God. She already wants to be baptized and we marked it for this Sunday.
We also got another reference of a friend of a member that divides quite frequently with us and we started teaching her and she had lots of doubts and she really felt that our message was true. It was really amazing this past week. Unfortunately she wasn't able to go to church yesterday but we are going to talk to her again tonight.
We are still waiting on a reply from Daniellys mom and hopefully she comes back from her trip this week. It is really annoying and depressing that her mom could not understand what it is that her daughter wants, but I know that the Lord will soften her heart and she will be baptized.
So our Sunday schedule is normal. (I asked about his Sunday schedule in my e-mail) We go to all of the meetings and we sometimes teach or give talks, I haven't had to give a talk yet in this ward but my chance might come.
Hey Dad I don't know if you remember or not but Doug's dad said that I could just send pictures to you of my worn out shoes and then you guys forward him the pictures and he would send me a brand new pair for free. But if he could send them home to you guys so that I have a new pair when I get home that would be great. Talk with him and see what he can do. If he can't send me some new ones that's alright, but I am thinking of getting rid of that pair of shoes because I am tired of carrying them around with me, so just let me know.
As for the money in my account. I wasn't using any of my personal money to catch buses, I was using my allowance to do that. So yeah the mission payed for it, and I got a reimbursement for the buses that we used, so it was good. So that about sums it up for my week I can't believe how fast the time is still flying by and continues to fly by. I love you all very much.
Love your son,
Elder Crittenden

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