Monday, April 25, 2011

25th. of April e-mail

Dear Dad and Mom,
This past week was alright it was a little bit difficult to teach and find new investigators because everyone was traveling or visiting family for Easter so the city was really dead. Here in Brazil the whole week was dead because it is what they call Semana Santa here or Holy Week. It is a Catholic tradition and they spend the whole week thinking about the last week of the life of Jesus Christ and how it was, but a lot of people just use it as an excuse to take the week off and Drink and Party.
On Friday my comp, Danielly and I were going to a friend of Daniellys to teach. We passed a parade of People, really it was a walking theater of them re-enacting Jesus carrying the cross and the Roman soldiers beating him and we didn't get to see them crucify him but I did film it a little bit.
Another thing that they do here in Brasil is they make a stuffed dummy with clothes and what not and they hang it off of a light post or off of their house or somewhere and it is Judas who betrayed Jesus. Now that it is past Easter we are finding all of these Judas´ lying in the road run over.
I didn't get my easter package yet because the Post office was closed for the past week and the secrateries didn't have the chance to go and get it but it should be here.
We also talked with Danielly and it looks like her Mom isn't going to let her get baptized. She may just have to wait until she turns 18. She wanted us to give up on her, but we told her that we would never give up on it and that her baptism would work out. Her Mom had her talk to her cousin, who is a Priest in the Catholic church, and he printed out a bunch of papers talking about our church and it had some really ridiculus accusations in it about our church. My favorite was that up until 1990 our church would cut the throats from ear to ear of members who dishonored their temple covenants. I laughed quite a bit about that one. My other favorite one was at the very end it talked about the missionaries of our church. It said that we send out young, charming, good looking, and uneducated men to teach about our church and to be careful not to be tricked into following our religion. My comp and I laughed alot after that one. This article also had a whole bunch of false accusations about the Prophet Joseph Smith, like he was a rapist and other horrible things that are clearly not true.
We are all praying for Danielly and hopefully her Mom will allow her to be baptized, she really wanted to be baptized on Easter but it didnt work out.
We also visited Leunice and her baptism also fell through The father of her youngest child moved back in with her so we had to postpone it, but she still wants to be baptized a lot.
We also found out about one of our newest converts that had some problems this past week with his prior addictions and we are going to have to work with him because he didn't go to church yesterday.
I was studying this morning in the Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi 12 and 13. It is really amazing to me, how much Nephi had seen and how mind boggling it must have been for him to see all of that. My comp and I got discussing about whether or not the prophets today like Thomas Monson, if he has also seen some of the things that Nephi or Lehi or Isiah or however you write it. I bet a lot that he has, but what do you all think back home? Let me know in the next letter.
I was also wondering about what you have found out from Doug's dad about my shoes and what he can do or if you have even sent him the pictures. If you could answer that in my next email because I would like to get rid of those shoes and some weight in my suitcases.
Well that is about all that I have that happened this past week with me. But I love you all and if you all could pray for Danielly and maybe a miracle will happen. I will let you all know where I will call you for Mothers day as soon as I know.
Love your son, Elder Crittenden

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