Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2nd.

Dear Dad and Mom, So I still don't have my package but I think that it has already gotten to the mission office, I hope. I will probably get it this week after our meetings with the leaders of the mission Tuesday until Thursday. Something else happened this past week, we had transfers and although I wasn't transferred, I was called as a Zone Leader again for Zone Horto, which is here in Teresina. I will stay here in this ward and my new companion is Elder Gessel an American, my first American comp. I am a little sad that Elder Moraes was transferred but Elder Gessel is really cool. To talk about my face book, I didn't enter into it but I had a member here enter for me and add all of the people that wanted to be my friends that I knew. I am not using it so don't worry. Helton from the Ward here told me that he is talking with you on Facebook Dad. He told me that you said hi. As for the mothers day call I still haven't had time to set up a place or get a number for you all to call me at but I will get onto that and later this week I will send you another email with the info. I am going to try and use the telephone at the church. It is kinda funny that you say not to get washed away with all of the rain here in Teresina, because here in my area that is a big possibility. When it rains here in front of our house it becomes a river and lots of water passes by. I have made some videos and will just have to wait until I get home to show you all but it is really crazy. Well that is about all that I have to say for this week but I will send an email again with the times and everything of the call.
Love your son
Elder Crittenden
Street in front of our house, after a rainstorm

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  1. Hello, this is Debbie Gessel, Elder Gessel's mother. We just had a great Mothers' Day chat with him, and I wanted to tell you how much my son is enjoying having your son as a companion. We live in Tacoma, WA. Thank you for posting this website. It was the first one we visited after Elder Gessel got his mission call,(Jan. 2010) so we feel like we already knew Elder Crittenden!