Monday, May 30, 2011

e-mail of May 30th.

Dear Dad and Mom,
I can't believe that it is still that cold in Utah and that its still snowing. It's also crazy to think that you are already almost out of school for the year. I am afraid that when I get home here in a little bit it's going to be still cold and I am going to freeze and get sick when I get back because I am used to the heat.
Here in Brasil they don't really have a day to honor their dead like we do in the US. (In answer to a question about Memorial Day)
So this past week was really really good. On Tuesday we divided with the Elders from our Campo Maior District and we watched their district meeting with them. That was a nice 2 hour bus ride there and back. I was with an Elder Rudophi from Colorado. He is a very good Elder. I liked doing a division with him. Then the rest of the week was pretty normal. We didn't get as many divisions with members this week but it was alright.
Friday was a crazy day. We had lots of interviews to do in our districts and so we basically lost a day of work to doing interviews but that is the life of a zone leader. We also had 3 baptisms from me and Elder Gessel and the other 2 Elders from our ward baptized 2 more people. It was a wonderful week here in the ward and our zone for baptisms. We have alot of investigators and not enough time to visit all of them.
We are teaching a couple called Francisco and Francisca and we are trying to get them married but I am afraid that the Bishop won't help them out with the money for the wedding because they usually only come for sacrament meeting cause they work on Sundays sometimes, but we are going to talk to him and see what we can do. We also have a couple other families that we are trying to get married and baptized but unfortunately they aren't showing much interest in going to the church. We had a few troubles finding new people to teach this week because we are teaching so many people that our week was just full of appointments.
Tomorrow we are going to District Poti and we will divide with the Elders there. I think that I will be with Elder Banks here in my area and I am way excited because he is from my group and it will be fun to be with him.
Today for pday we're going to go bowling at the mall here and maybe eat in the mall. We are going to have probably only 1 or 2 baptisms this week. As for being trunky I am a little bit. I have already been thinking about what I am going to bring home and I have been using a bit of my personal money to buy some stuff and also I have been needing a little bit more to catch busses and what not for interviews but I am already thinking about these types of things. It's really hard for me to believe that I only have 4 months left here in the mission. It's kind of a surreal feeling, the thought that I am going home here in a little bit. I was thinking the other day about a Job for when I get home and if someone could go up to the Soldier Hollow tubing hill and fill out a job application for me and hopefully I can get a job right when I get back to start getting some money saved up. Well that is about all that I can think of for this week I love you all very much.
Love your son,
Elder Crittenden

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