Monday, May 23, 2011

e-mail of May 23rd.

Dear Dad and Mom, OK to start off, I only got three stitches and it wasn't even that big of a cut. It just looks really bad. The doctors at the hospital treated me really well and there is nothing to worry about. Yes they gave me an antibiotic for infection and my finger is healing fine, in fact I took out one of the stitches today. So to talk about the week. It was really good. We had a division with the assistants on Tuesday and I went to their area while Elder Gessel stayed here in our area with the other Assistant. It was really good. When I got back on Wednesday I found out that we were going to have a baptism that morning of Leunice. President was coming to do the interview and the baptism would be at 11:30 that morning. So everything was ready and we baptized Irma Leunice and her daughter Gabrielle that day. It was a really cool baptism. It was something that she had been wanting for a long time and she decided to finally kick the guy out who was living with her and get baptized. It was really a miracle that happened in our area this week. We also did a service project on Saturday at Wallas´ house and we talked with Maria and Heleno about marriage and baptism and it looks like we may have a wedding and baptism here pretty soon. We also taught Irma Jaqueline and hopefully I can talk with her husband and get them married and baptized. We are going to baptize this week Rafael and two other little brothers of Rafaela that Elder Moraes and I baptized so we should have another great week. We are going to go to another districts meeting tomorrow from our zone that is in a city called Campo Maior and its about 2 hours from here. So we are going to leave tonight and stay for their meeting tomorrow. Elder Gessel is going to stay there for a division and I will come back with another Elder to our area tomorrow called Elder Rudolph. We will trade back on Wednesday and hopefully Elder Gessel and I can get some time teaching together. We have been dividing a lot not just with the Elders from our zone but also here in our area with the members. They help us out a lot, they give us references and will go out to teach with us and just help out a lot. Well Danielle is doing alright. She is still going to church and what not, but not too much progress on the baptism. Last night Elder Gessel and I went to her house to teach her and her cousins and we taught them a lesson about keeping the commandments and we kind of burned her cousins because they were just being lazy and not wanting to go to church, but that lesson was really powerful with the spirit. One of Danielle´s cousins has already prayed about baptism and had a dream about her being baptized but she doesn't want to follow the answer that she has so that is why we burned her spiritually hahaha. That is about all that I have to tell you all for the week, I am doing fine. I will add a couple of pics for you all to see of some of the happenings from this past week. Oh and it rained a lot this past week love you all. Love your son, Elder Crittenden
Just a small afternoon rain shower Brazilian Warrior

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