Friday, November 13, 2009

e-mail of November 12, 2009

Hey how is it going everyone I really love hearing from all of you it just makes my day. To answer your questions, Ben I dont have big muscles yet but I am sure working on them. Tristen yes I have been playing soccer and I love it. I am still healthy too Tristan. Thats awesome that you got to collect rocks. Keep being a good boy because I know you can be. I am excited for the snow to come too. Kailey I wish I could have been to your dance recital, but I will make sure and go to as many as I can when I get home. I love you all so much and keep sending me letters I could really use some more pictures that you could draw for me to hang up. For halloween I didnt do anything special just studied alot. My companion did know Isaac Eaton. It was way cool to send that person a Book of Mormon. I actually placed 2 more last saturday in the Referral Center. Dad Has not sent me the pictures of the kids but I am sure he will. Right Dad? That was a really funny story too That John sent me and Thanks for the Picture, tell Grandpa Hi from me. Thankyou Glenn family for the cookies, letters and pictures. I loved them. Josh I flew my paper airplane all over the halls of our dorm it flew really well. Joey I loved the booger machine and I sprayed boogers all over my companion with it. Andrew that was an awesome tornado drawing that you sent me and I hung all of your pictures up. Thanks for the cookies they were really good and everyone in my district loved them too. To tell you all about my schedule a little bit. it changes everyday but here you go. we wake up everyday at 6:30 and we have to be to class by 7, which is really difficult sometimes to get 96 elders on our floor showered in 12 showers in a half an hour. we have breakfast at 8:15 everyday. On Mondays we have Gym time right after breakfast for 50 minutes, then after gym we have about a half an hour to get showered and back to class. we have class time whenever we are not eating or at gym and we have teachers at different times each day. On everyday except Fridays which is our P-Day we are in class. On P-day its different though. We have to wake as usual, and be in class by 7 and then we have personal study for an hour, then breakfast from 8:15 to 8:45, then back to class and have companion study for an hour, then we go to the temple for however long it takes today I did sealings but I have done sessions too. The sealings were really neat and I got to see something new. After the temple we can change into p-day clothes and just write letters and do laundry or get a haircut. But I am running out of time, so I love you all very much keep writing and I will try and write some letters and answer more questions next week.

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