Friday, November 20, 2009

e-mail of November 20th.

Hey Everybody, I was really surprised to get on my email today and find out that there wasn't any new mail for me. How is everything going? Things here in the MTC are the same as usual, Lots of studying. Yesterday we had our TRC appointment and we had to talk for 15 minutes with an investigator in portugues/help him move. Our investigator had pictures of furniture sitting out on his coffee table and we had to pick up a picture and tell him what it was in portuguese and then walk it across the room to another chair. Then we asked him about his family and told him about ours and then we taught him how to pray in portuguese. After that we went back and taught him the plan of salvation in English. We taught a great lesson but the guy was a little bit older and in the teaching record he was supposed to tell us that he had some questions about the word of wisdom and then we were supposed to teach him and challenge him to follow the word of wisdom, but when we asked him aobut church he said that he learned about Joseph Smith and him being in Carthage Jail so, my companion and I had to change up our strategy a little bit but it worked out. I am excited to go to the Refferal center tomorrow, I went to the RC this last Sunday and I didn't talk to anyone on the phone but I got two chats. The first one was a lady needing some financial assistance and she was an inactive member and needed to talk to her Bishop, so I told her about and the find a church house thing and that seemed to be all that she needed because she got off after that. But the second lady was awesome she was asking me about God and she wanted to know more and I was teaching her but then when the conversation was getting good I had to go to the temple it was our temple time so I had to transfer her to someone else, but I did send the missionaries to her house. I was excited about that, I think that I will go again on this Sunday. Something else that is happening this week, as of yesterday we are no longer allowed to speak english in the class. Our teachers are only going to be speaking Portuguese so that is all that we are allowed to speak, so it should be exciting the next 4 weeks. I haven't heard anything on our visas yet but I will definitely be here for 9 weeks and then I may go stateside for a little while unless they come. So please pray for them. This week is Thanksgiving and at our Tuesday night Devotional we are supposed to be having a General Authority coming to speak to us, so my companion and I are going to skip dinner so that we can get some good seats. I will be sending some pictures of our district and some other stuff here really soon. I hope that Justin got my letters and his birthday card I sent him. I don't know what I need for Christmas Yet but I will let you know. Please keep writing I love to hear from you. I love you all so much. Love Elder Crittenden

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