Tuesday, May 25, 2010

e-mail of 5/23 A great week

Hey Family, This past week has been excellent! It flew by so fast because of all the things that I did. On Tuesday we were supposed to have interviews with President but he changed them to Friday, but I had a division with the assistants on Tuesday. It was pretty good I was with Elder Araujo for the day. He is pretty cool and he would like something, if you could buy a UTAH JAZZ jersey and shorts he will give me money for them and if you could send them in the next package. You can take money out of my account to buy them and he needs a size M or medium. Please buy them that would be great, I also need in my next package new shoe inserts would be nice, and some maple syrup extract to make maple syrup for pancakes. So back to my week, on Thursday my companion and I were walking to visit one of our investigators and met up with him by his school so we went in to his school with him and were waiting for his friends to show up so we could talk to them, he introduced me to his old English teacher and she had me talk with her class about the foods that we eat in the United States it was really cool. While we were waiting for his friends some of the other students from his class came and talked to us and we met this girl who is interested and curious about the church so we talked with her about it a little and said that we would pass by her house one day and teach her and her family. She said that she didn't know if her mom would approve because she is catholic but she would talk with her. So that same day we passed by the house of another one of our investigators and he wasn't home but his cousin said that he was at the house of a friend so we went to his friends house. Well it turns out that the house of the friend is the house of the same girl that we talked too at Huans school and we talked with her mom, and her mom said that we could pass by one day and talk with them. It is so amazing the way that the Lord is working here in the mission field. On Friday I did another division with Elder Costa in a part of the city called MaioBao. Me and Elder Costa had a great time he is really cool and he will probably visit me in the United states after the mission. But the division was great, it ended on Saturday afternoon when I went back to my area to teach English class. English class was great too there was quite a few people there and it was really fun to teach. I had them bring pictures of their families and introduce the members of their families and showed them pictures of my family. Then I think the best part of the week happened, We had 3 baptisms this week. I baptized a boy called Gustave, we also baptized his sister named Vaness and another man named Jonatah. It was awesome. I will add pictures of them to my email. My companion baptized vanessa and Jonatah. We confirmed them members of the church on Sunday too. After church we went to lunch and then to the house of the girl that we met on Thursday and met the family and taught the first lesson, they were very receptive and we will pass by there again and teach them. So that was my week. It was awesome and this next week should be good too, we have got some people lined up to be baptized and I hope that they go through. We have transfers this next week and I hope that I stay here in Sao Luis one more transfer atleast but we will see. So I love you all and until next week. Love Elder Crittenden

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