Monday, May 17, 2010

e-mail of May 17th.

Hey Family, I felt like this last week went by fast too. We have been teaching a lot and it is making time fly. We have also been doing divisions here every Friday that we need to get done so the past two Fridays I have been in other areas of Sao Luis. I will be in another area this week too on Friday, called Mai ou bao, with Elder Costa. We had a baptism marked this past week for a 14 year old boy who we have been teaching, but his parents wouldn't allow him to be baptized so now we will talk to them and hopefully this week. He has a desire to serve a mission too but its difficult when the parents don't allow it. We are also teaching some other families and should baptize them this week and we also need to marry some of them so that slows it down a bit. We have interviews with President tomorrow and we will also do a division with the assistants tomorrow. I have been a little bit sick this past week but I am getting better, yes I have been taking my vitamins too. English class this past week was good we had quite a few people in there and I taught about directions and how to get somewhere and we did an activity where I drew a map and they had to tell me how to get there. It was pretty good this next week they have to bring family photos and they will describe members of their family and who they are, these were both activities that we did in the MTC and I think they will help. So what is the weather like there is it summer there yet or is it still cold? How are things going there? Is there anyone else from my graduating class that got their mission calls that you know of? I could use more deodorant and black shoe polish are some things that I will be in need of here in a little bit. Love your son Elder Crittenden To Jessica, I wish that I could be there at your graduation too but I am here and its impossible. You bought a car that's awesome I want you to send me some pictures. How big of a loan did you take out to pay for it or how much did you have saved before the loan? For that Alyson girl I wrote her some in the MTC but I haven't written her since and maybe I will write her and see how she is doing there. Anyway I love you too Jessica and keep writing me. Love your big Brother Elder Crittenden

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