Monday, May 10, 2010

e-mail of May 10, The day after the phone call

Dear Family, I don’t really have much to say after the phone call yesterday so this will probably be short. It was really nice to talk to everyone that was there at the house and to hear how things are going. The next time will be at Christmas and I hope that everyone can be there. I am still doing really well today I made feijao and rice and we will eat that for lunch and some meals for the next couple of days. The ladies that take care of us here we call them Maezinhas which translates to little mothers. The one whose house you called me at yesterday, her name is Aldieds and she made us caju juice and gave us some crackers, while we were talking. To answer your question dad they don’t do gardens here. Most everyone if they want fruit or vegetables they just go to the market that they have in the street. The phone cards that I bought were 6 reais ($3.20) and my companion used one to talk to his family so I only have one left and I will probably just sell it to him. As for the package that you’re getting ready I do need a thing of black shoe polish. I am almost out, and then the family pictures and oatmeal. I don’t need a lot of pictures of myself, maybe just like 5. Well that’s about it for me from here, I love you all very much and can’t wait to hear from you. Tell Bishop Wheatley that a lot of people here are Catholic and Brazil wins a lot of soccer games so maybe he should convert hahaha, just kidding. Love your son, Elder Crittenden Follow up e-mail in answer to the question of where their apartment is. I haven’t been able to find the area on Google Earth. OK go to Sao Luis and look for Avenida Joao Pessoa, look for the words praca labota, zoom in a little more, Then look for a Rua Tres and I live on that road close to where it says Pam Filipinho I live on that road. The Pam Filipinho is a Bar on the corner and they play music really loud. My area goes from the Avenida Dos Francesses over to the Avenida Sen. Vitorino Freite and From the Side of the stadium down to the river and yes it is huge and then that little little city of Raposa. Hope this helps Elder Crittenden

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