Monday, October 18, 2010

e-mail of October 18th.

Dear Dad and Mom,
Things are still going good here in Acailandia and in the mission field. It is really cool to train a new missionary and to be his first companion. This past week nothing big happened really, we are teaching a couple of really good investigators ones name is Rober and he is really cool, he made contact with us in the road and always had the desire to talk to the missionaries but never had the courage to do so until the other day. While my comp and I were walking in the road just talking he came up to the side of my companion and my comp greeted him and began talking to him and he told us that he wanted to hear about what we did and we marked Sunday to go by his house. We also invited him to movie night in the church and he invited some friends of his and all of them went. So on Sunday when we got there he was in front of his friends house on the other side of the road and we went over there and started teaching them all. Well thus far they have done everything that we have asked them and they are reading in the Book of Mormon. They couldn't go to church yesterday because Rober was working and the other ones just had an excuse not to go. We are going to keep teaching them and invite them to be baptized this next time that we teach him. We are going to baptize a girl this week called Deusa we have been teaching her for a while and when we taught her the Plan of Salvation and explained about baptism she had a lot of questions and we helped her understand the importance of it. When we invited her to be baptized she accepted it and will be baptized this week. We have two other people who are marked to be baptized this week with Deusa, but they didn't go to church yesterday and one of them drinks coffee and is having a tough time quitting. I hope that all works out and things continue forward. So here in Brasil they don't have Halloween here or don't even celebrate anything that is close to it. One thing I do know is that because the catholic church is so strong here in Brasil they have a lot of holidays for Saints that the catholic church has. So my comp is really cool I like him a lot as my first son in the mission I am proud of him. When he got here the first couple of times I could tell that he was nervous about talking and teaching and sometimes got lost in the lessons but he is over that now. He is a convert to the church with 9 years as a member, he told me a story about when they converted to the church that all of the people on their road are catholic and when they converted and began taking part in the church the people on their road excluded them and I dont remember the other word in English but I think you know what word. Anyway the people on their road wouldnt sell food or other things to them because they were members of the church. He has a girlfriend waiting for him he thinks but she hasnt written him since he got in the mission, but said he recieved an email today from her so hope it was a good email and not a blue email ha ha. He has the best Penmanship that I have ever seen and he likes to write things for me, I will take a picture of it and send it to you. My shoes are wearable still but I don't walk with them in the road because they have holes in the bottom and what not but these wolverine boots are really nice and I bet will last another year still. So President approved the house that we want to move into so we will probably be moving into it pretty soon I hope. It will be the nicest house in the mission I think. It has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living room type things, a garage and a little backyard. In the backyard it has a Goiaba tree and we will be able to eat it. It also has a big gate in the front and the wall has an electric fence that works to keep out intruders. With my card I can pull out money but I cant look at my account info online, it says that my online access has been blocked so if you could talk with them and send me my login in and my password just to know if its right that would be great. Dad I am still waiting on those fotos of the rec center and one thing that I would love for Christmas is photos of the last years happenings and of the family that would be wonderful. I love you all and thanks for praying for me and please continue to pray for my success here in the mission field. Thursday the 21st is my one year mark and the 22nd is Olivia's birthday so tell her a happy birthday from her Uncle James and then give her a hug and a kiss. I love you all very much and until next week.
Love Elder Crittenden

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