Monday, October 25, 2010

Great e-mail for Oct. 25th.

Dear Dad and Mom,
This past week was a really good week. We didn't have a baptism but we taught some really powerful lessons where the spirit was really strong and helped sort out some peoples doubts. We had a baptism marked and we had the interview but it turns out that she had some problems with one of the questions and needs to be interviewed by President Dias now so we have to mark a date with him. We have been teaching a lot of really good people, there is this teenager that we are teaching, his name is Helio his older sister and her husband were baptized a little while back and got him interested in the church and now he wants to be baptized along with his little brother and his other sister so that was really amazing. We have also been teaching another guy called Rober and he is really cool. He went to church yesterday and loved it a lot, he said that he felt something different about our church. Well yesterday we passed by there to talk to him and his friends and ended up meeting another man who now is interested, the Lords hand is helping us out a lot. This past Thursday I had my Hump day and we went to one of our investigators house and my comp taught us all how to make pizza and then we watched a church movie and ate the pizza. It was a great way to celebrate one year in the mission. On Saturday we were teaching Rober and his friends and it was more of a question and answer session for us which was awesome, but one of them asked us a funny question she asked us why we had the steeples on our church because she said that someone told her that the steeples were to poke Jesus when he returned to the earth for the second coming. I started to laugh really hard when she said that and almost couldn't stop, I have heard some pretty ridiculous things about our church here in the mission but this tops them all. It is amazing some of the things that people say or what the pastors of other churches say and tell there members to say to us. I think that it was about two weeks ago we were drinking GuaranĂ¡ da amazonia and this guy from another church came up to me and my comp and started asking harmless questions like why we both had the name of Elder and other harmless questions like this. Then he started calling us and other members of our church crazy because we didn't worship God we worshiped Joseph Smith and other things like that we had a recent convert with us this day so it was a little bit strange for her but it is a thing that happens almost daily here people here try to burn us about our church and everything that their pastor tells them to say. One of the things that they try to get us on is a scripture in Galatians 1:8 that talks about an angel that will come down from heaven and announce another Gospel and it will be spread across the earth, and they say that this is what happened to Joseph Smith with Angel Moroni that appeared to him just ridicules things like that. Anyway so we still haven't moved to our new house yet but we have permission from President to do so we are looking for a moving truck and we will be moving. Our new house will be the one of the biggest and nicest in the mission it will be good. I thought about some other things that I think that I would like for my Christmas package, I would love more starbursts and Rootbeer barrels would be great too but for right now thats it. I dont really have much else to say for this past week. I love you all and I will see you all here in less than one year now
Love your Son
Elder Crittenden

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