Monday, November 1, 2010

e-mail of November 1st.

Dear Dad and Mom,
So Halloween here was pretty uneventful too we didn't have anybody pass by our house to get treats either he he. So this past week was pretty crazy so last Monday night it rained really really hard. We were still in our apartment and my bedroom started leaking and the pouring and it was a basically a swimming pool in our room. I made a video of it and I basically didn't sleep because it rained all night and we had to use a squeegie to clean up the water and I don't know how to spell squeegie. Then it rained again on Thursday and last night too, but it didn't matter to us last night because were in our new house now but the power went out last night. So Saturday morning we moved into our new house and it is amazing it is really spacey and my room has an air conditioner. It has got an electric fence to keep all of the robbers out of our stuff and its just a really nice adjustment. It is also in our area so we don't have to walk very far to our appointments. So we had a baptism marked for this Saturday too and he passed the interview and everything, but his sister was talking to him and told him that he should wait and learn a little bit more about the church before he gets baptized so we are going to talk to him and try to baptize him this Saturday. I was supposed to go to Teresina this week for a training but President changed his mind. I am writing in my Journal and I am almost to page 100 so I think that I will be good for the next year I shouldn't need a new one. I learned how to make pizza this past week the dough and everything so that should be good. I would love to make bread if Mom could send me the recipe that would be awesome but I don't really have much else to write about for this past week. So I love you all I am going to go play basketball now but I am always praying for you and thank you for your prays they are helping out alot. Thanks for the scripture help too Dad it will be good to burn them now with it ha ha.
Love your son,
Elder Crittenden

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