Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22 e-mail

Dear Dad and Mom,
First off Dad and Justin HAPPY BIRTHDAY I have bought you some presents but I haven't had time to send them out yet so I promise that they will get there just give it a little time. I cant believe that its snowing I miss the snow soooooooo much. I have been talking to Elder Plewe which is an American that arrived at the beginning of last transfer and talking with him about all of the things that I miss from the US like types of cookies and other things types of food that I miss and it has left me really trunky, so we have stopped talking so much about that. Oh just to let you all know I was not transferred and neither was my comp or really until now no one in the mission was transferred that I have heard of. President didnt transfer anyone and I think that its a test kind of that he is doing to make us forget about transfers and I think that we will have alot of transfers by surprise here in a little bit. We didnt have any baptisms this past week but we had quite a few investigators at church yesterday and we have quite a few that are ready to be baptized. We have zone conference on Thanksgiving which I cant believe that its Thursday WOW. But I have a leadership meeting with President on Wednesday in Imperatriz which is where zone conference will be too which is about an hour by bus from here. Then after our leadership meeting President is going to come back to Acailandia with us and he has some interviews to do for us. It should be good we have marked to baptize Deusa on Saturday and she is really excited. For zone conference I have to do a training for 45 mins, the zone leaders called me and because we don't have assistants right now in our mission there is a 45 minute time gap where they usually give their training so they asked me to give a training in that time slot. Hey what is this about finishing up the basement how come I haven't heard anything up until now about this. So what all have you guys done or are going to do down there in the basement? What other things have been happening in the house that you guys haven't told me? How is Missy'? I don't think that my birthday package ever will arrive just for curiosity what all was in my birthday package? I think that it got lost in the mail so anyway. I don't really have much else to write for today I am going to go play basketball today. But tell everyone that I wish them a happy Thanksgiving and that I miss them all and love them all very much. Until next week.
Elder Crittenden

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