Monday, November 29, 2010

E-mail for November 28th

Dear Dad and Mom, It may seem like the weeks are long for you all but for me this past week flew by. This past week was really good I had a meeting with president on Wednesday and that meeting was really good I loved every single bit of it. President taught us a little more about the new mtc curriculum and how to incorporate it into our teaching and we also got into some deep doctrine. So on Wednesday morning I left at 5:30 from our house to catch a bus to Imperatriz. We had that meeting and it was supposed to go until 4 in the afternoon with lunch around 1:00 o´clock. But there was a mix up and lunch didn't show up and so President just took us to a Churrascaria and it was the first time that I had eaten at a Churrascaria and it was really good food. After that President had to look at some of the houses in Imperatriz and then he would go back with us to Acailandia to do our interviews. He interviewed Deusa and she was baptized on Saturday, and he also had to do another interview for the other missionaries and he went with Elder Goncalves to do that interview while we were teaching English. Well English class got over at 8:30 and they still hadn't come back from the interview and they didn't even get there until 9:15 well when they got there the lady that President interviewed wanted to be baptized that night so we had a baptism at 10 at night. It was cool. We didn't get home until 10:30 and by the time that we were sleeping it was about 11:30 and we had to wake up the next day at 5:30 to get another bus back to Imperatriz for zone conference. I loved zone conference, I did a training on revelation through visiting the church it went well I thought. Zone conference was on Thanksgiving and so we thought that we would have a huge meal but that didn't happen I don't know why but the food was good we had the regular rice and beans with salad and for desert, Jello with condensed milk. I will sure be looking forward to Thanksgiving next year with regular food. Like I said Deusa was baptized on Saturday. Sunday was the Primary program for the ward that was cool to be here for that. Today my comp and I went back to Imperatriz and we played soccer and basketball with the Elders there in Imperatriz. Elder Plewe was transferred this morning when we were leaving and so I don't know what is going to happen, I don't know if I will stay here for Christmas or if I will be in another place but as soon as I know I will tell you and send you a number. Alright so three Christmas packages is enough what on earth did you all send me? Well I am about out of time so I love you all and can't wait to hear from you next week. Love your son, Elder Crittenden

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