Monday, April 5, 2010

e-mail of March 22, to Dad

Dear Dad, I have been transferred. I am now in Sao Luis, Maranhao. Our address is Bairro Redencao, Rua 3 casa 10. I hope that you can find our apartment it is really small and not in very good condition. My new area is pretty good the people here all complement me on my Portuguese and I gave a talk in church yesterday on repentance. We found out that we were being transferred on Tuesday at 6:30 when the assistants called. So we began packing and then spent the day telling our investigators and the people in the ward that we were leaving and got addresses. Everyone was sad and didn’t want us to go but we had no choice. We left Sobral at 11 that night and had a 6 hour bus ride to Teresina, where I met up with 2 new Brazilian missionaries and at 7:30 on Wednesday morning we left Teresina for another 7 hour bus ride here to Sao Luis. I am now here and it’s pretty nice, we have beaches that we will be able to visit. My companion likes to play soccer and other sports so we will be doing that. They have a Guarana here called Guarana Jesus and it is the best Guarana in the world I will try to send one home. I will attach some pictures of it and some other things. If you would like you could send me a letter every once in a while, I am not printing off my emails because that would be alot of paper to haul around. Instead I am saving them all and will print them off in 2 years when I get home. When did soccer season start up there and what is their record thus far? I am mad to hear about the things that Obama is doing, what else has he done and what does this health care package mean for me in the future because I want to go into medicine? How is the economy? has it picked up or still slow or what? I don’t really have much else to say about this week other than I love you Very much Dad. Love your Son Elder Crittenden

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