Monday, April 5, 2010

e-mail of March 29

Oi Everything is going good in my new city, we had a baptism of a 8 year old boy Saturday and we have a couple more for after this next week. I am excited to have my first general conference in the mission and my first Easter too. We are going to help the primary president this Friday I think paint eggs for an Easter egg hunt for the primary so that should be fun. My companions name is Elder A. Santos and he is a Brazilian from Sao Paulo. No the 2 that I traveled with one is a sister and the other is an Elder working in another part of the city. There are 12 Elders and 4 Sisters working here in Sao Luis, with 8 areas. Yes me and my companion both got moved out of the Sobral, he is in Teresina and I am here, the other Elder that was living in the same house as us in Sobral is here in Sao Luis too and he is still my zone leader. Tell Jessica that I say congratulations on the clogging and she should email me because she is almost done with school and I would like to hear from here and Justin too. Bairro is like the area we have a bunch of different Bairros in our area it’s just an area in which you live. I think that I spelled the other word wrong I meant Rua and that means street, that is our address here and that is all that I know. I really like the Ward here it is really strong but is kinda small. it reminds me alot of our ward back home. We have zone conference this week too it is actually tomorrow I am excited for that and to hear President talk to us. I think though that tomorrow he is going to talk alot about the rules and what not because a lot of Elders have been breaking them. I can’t believe how fast that the months are flying by it is amazing. It rains here in Sao Luis alot too. Yesterday we were at our lunch and alot of people here in like the front of their houses run little stores or bars and yesterday the lady had a bar in the front. As we were waiting for lunch to be ready there were 2 guys there drinking and 1 was already drunk. We started talking to them and they were interested in what our church believed so we began to explain. Well one of them is going to visit the church this Sunday and we will teach him this week too. I am excited to teach him I think that it will be good. My Portuguese is really good I am speaking really well. I don’t really have much to say other than continue to save the emails that you send and that I send because I really want to remember all of this. Elder Ashton is in my district and I get to see him. His mom printed off my blog and sent it to him. My other zone leader Elder Perry is the nephew of Mont Wade so if you see Mont tell him that I met his nephew in the mission, and that I say HI. Thanks for everything and can’t wait to hear from you. Love your Son, Elder Crittenden

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