Monday, September 20, 2010

Another great letter from Acailandia 9/20/2010

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am doing really really good here in Açailandia, we had President here for the weekend because he gave a talk here in the Ward about Marriage and Families and what not so he and Sister Dias were here for Saturday and Sunday. We had another baptism and President was really pleased with our work that were doing here in Açailandia. So the week has really flown by for me too. It is amazing how fast that the time is going by I am almost to 1 year and General Conference is coming up and WOW it is crazy. I am really loving the mission a lot I like the guys that I live with here I like my companion and the work is really good. So not a lot else happened this past week we had lunch on Saturday in a little city a little bit outside of Açailandia and it is our area still, but anyway when we were there we passed by this park and we saw these kids riding their bikes doing wheelies, but the thing is that they had taken off the front tires of their bikes and were riding normal in a wheelie. It was crazy, well I wanted to try it so I asked them and they let me and I couldn't even get started it was kinda ridiculous but at least I tried. I don't really have alot to say other than the weeks are flying by and everything is ok with me. It is starting to get really hot here during the months of Setembro, Outubro, Novembro, e Dezembro it will be really hot. The BRO months as they sey are the hottest months of the year. That picture of the bison is really cool and makes me miss the mountains a little bit but that's alright. I still haven't got my birthday package and might not get it till the end of this transfer. I am in need of those other two pen drives now my other ones are getting full of pictures and so if you could send them in an envelope or something that would be great. Just one more question I was wondering if you went to the bank and sorted things out for me? But thanks for the prayers and support I love you very much and miss you.
Love your Son,
Elder Crittenden

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