Tuesday, September 14, 2010

exciting letter of 10/13

Dear Mom and Dad,
Wow I really miss going camping it sounds like alot of fun what you guys did and wish I could have been there, but I know that I am where I need to be right now in my life. So this past week was really good we had two more baptisms here in Acailandia and the entire week was really good. We had a friend of the girls that we baptized last week come up to us and now she wants to be baptized so we will baptize her this week. President will be here in Acailandia again this saturday because he will give like a talk and what not I dont really know what this word in Portuguese translates into in English but he will do a Serao in this church, so I might get my birthday package of rice krispie treats then but I still dont know. We found a bunch of new investigators here and we are now working with them to get them ready to go to church and be baptized. Something that happened yesterday when we were at the house of one of our investigators when she was getting ready to go, we met three young men here and one of them wanted to talk to us a little bit about our church. He was the member of another church and for only 7 months. He knew alot about the bible and tried to confound us with some of the scriptures, we didnt bible bash with him but we just taught him some principles and what not and everyone else in the room liked what we were saying and agreeing with us except him. We are probably going to try and teach him and his friends but I dont know if it will go anywhere. If he does become converted he would be a very strong member in the church and one day a great missionary. So that is what has been happening here in Acailandia Brasil. I have been trying to take money out of my account but it wont let me and I also cannot access my account online so if you could go to the bank and talk to them and see what is going on and transfer some money into my checking account it would be great. I really enjoyed the birthday cards and they have been a blessing to me thanks for all the wonderful things that you have given and done for me. Something that I wanted to tell you all is that right now here in Brasil they are having campaigns for President and State positions and politics here in Brasil are a little bit crazier then in the US. It is really cool I will send home some pictures today to show you what I mean. But they have trucks or cars and they put these big old speakers on top and each candidate has a song that these cars play really loud and some of them are pretty creative. They also have these big old parades and they shoot off fireworks and everything. It is sometimes annoying when were teaching and the cars pass by playing the music really loud but I have gotten used to it. So that is something interesting that is happening here that I wont forget. So everything is going good here I am missing all the family but I am where I need to be and I am ok. I love you all very much and thankyou for the support.
Love your Son,
Elder Crittenden


  1. Elder Crittenden is a super missionary! He is a light and beacon to the people of Brazil. His name will be remembered for good. I pray for him and his companions everyday.

  2. Thanks, missionaries need all the prayers they can get. He is a great missionary.