Tuesday, September 28, 2010

E-mail of Sept 27th. from a crazy American (see letter)

Dear Mom and Dad, So everything is going good here in Acailandia still we didn't have any baptisms this week they fell through but the work is still good. I can't believe that September is almost over already and October is here already which means that I am coming up on 1 year in the mission. Just one more transfer and I will be there. It's crazy. Alright so I have got a lot of questions to answer so here goes, as far as I can tell they don't have the primary program here in our ward here but in Sao Luis they had one. So this week is General Conference and I will be able to watch all of them as far as I know except the Priesthood session maybe because here it starts at 9 at night and President didn't authorize us to stay so unless they have a rebroadcast on Sunday like they did in Sao Luis on Sunday morning I will miss it. But I will be able to watch all of the other sessions and I am really excited its really cool to be able to listen to the conference in Portuguese. I am really loving the language and the people everyone here says that I am a crazy funny American. There is only one ward here in Acailandia and they recently constructed a chapel so now there is a really beautiful chapel here it was a house chapel until recently. Yes the sessions will come to our chapel so we don't have to go to Imperatriz which is about an hour from here and where the stake is. So Dad that bean looking thing that I sent to you is a caju fruit, it is really sweet to eat and it makes your mouth pucker when you eat it. That other part on top of it is the cashew nut that everyone eats, but that nut has acid inside of it and you have to burn it first to get rid of the acid and then you can eat it, very interesting to watch. So my street address to our apartment building is, Rua 7 de Setembro S/N Centro (Ferro de Engomar Ed Alcides Costa) CEP- 65930-000 Acailandia Maranhao So yeah that is our address and yes all of the Elders live here in this apartment building and we live on the 4th floor. On the ground floor there is a store called Sacaria Brasil so that should help you and it is situated on like a fork in the road, it divides a road into two roads. I don't know the address of the new chapel still but I will try and get it for you. There is a soccer stadium here but I still haven't seen it and don't even know where it's at but I know that there is one. There is no bus system here so we walk everywhere that we go and my area is a little ways out of the center of the city so my comp and I get to walk a lot. So something that happened this past week as a surprise, Elder Bailey the other American that was here with me and my district leader was transferred. President had an Elder that was waiting for his visa in the US that got his visa and arrived in the mission. So on Thursday morning Pres. called us and we were all sad. So Elder Bailey´s comp was called to be a trainer of this new American and his name is Elder Pearson he is from Provo. I got called to be the District leader here now and this next week we have transfers again so it should be interesting what is going to happen this next week. I dont know if I will stay here as District leader or if I will be transferred or what will happen. There was a wedding in our ward on Friday that was cool and then on Saturday there was the owner of the apartment building where we live and a member that had a Birthday on Friday shared with her daughter. Her daughter turned 15 and apparently they have a tradition here in Brasil that when a girl turns 15 they have a BIG party. Sister Claudia threw a PARTY it was amazing I will send photos next week to you all. But it was really nice and very fun to be there. So that's about it that happened this week I love you all and I will pray for you. Love your Son, Elder Crittenden

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