Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 30th e-mail, first one from his new city, Acailandia

Hi Dad and Mom, So yeah last week a I was transferred and like you guessed didnt have much time to write an email so sorry about that. I was really sad to leave Sao Luis I have lots of friends there that I will miss alot and the ward was good there too. In fact dad I have a friend there that is learning and already speaking really well in spanish and she wants to talk with someone in Spanish so I told her that I would give your email to her and she can email you in spanish and help her out and keep your spanish up to speed alright. So anyway I am now in a little little little city 8 hours from Sao Luis. I am still in Maranhao, but it is a city called Acailandia the C makes an S sound. But this city reminds a little bit of Heber, but Heber has more things to do than here. This city has lots of Farms and cows and Horses and all that good stuff. It is really nice here in the mornings it is cold, yeah cold here in Brasil, but during the day it gets hot. It hardly ever rains here so it isn´t as green as other places but still a beautiful place. We live in an apartment on the very top floor and really it has 2 apartments and we use the one to sleep and put all of our stuff and the other we use to take showers and stuff like that. There are 4 Elders in the same apartment so its a nice change to have more people there. There are two Americans and two Brasilians, Elder Bailey who was in the MTC with me just not in our district is the other American and the 2 Brasilians are from the MTC they were there together so they have the same amount of time in the mission too. So its pretty cool. My companions name is Elder Donizeti Santos and he is from Sao Paulo he is really cool he knows alot of scriptures and teaches really good. So the ward here is pretty good I am liking it, our area is kinda big and a little strange. Like I said there are 4 Elders but only one Ward so the other 2 Elders have like the center of the city and we have around them its really weird. But anyway I haven´t got my package yet I dont know why but I will call the mission office today and ask them about it. So I now that I got transferred I am no longer Zone Leader I am just Senior Companion which will be nice to have a break for a little bit from that. We dont really have much to do here on Pday but we will try to find things to do atleast I have some card games to play and teach to the other Elders. So I am running out of things to write about but anyway oh to respond to you about my facebook I had some members from here looking at it for me so you dont need to worry about that and I did send a message to Steven on Facebook because I didnt have his email but its alright I am not using it that often just when the members look at it for me. Well I am not surprised to hear about that and Obama and everything that is happening but I hope that things turn around here soon because I want to work and be able to find a good job when I get home. So anyway I love you all and sorry about last week but I will continue praying for you all and I miss you all. Love your son, Elder Crittenden

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