Saturday, March 12, 2011

e-mail of February 28th

Dear Dad and Mom,
So this past week was pretty difficult week to be teaching because it was tough to find people at home and it has been raining a lot down here in Teresina. The weather is pretty good other than the days when it is going to rain because it is really, really hot because of the cloud cover. When it starts to rain it cools down a lot. It is really terrible when it rains for my comp and I because our area has a lot of roads that are unpaved and so it makes a lot of mud for us and we have to clean our shoes all the time and also it makes my pants muddy. I have to wash my pants at least twice a week.
So we didn't have any baptisms this week but we have 4 people that are ready to be baptized and just waiting on two of them to decide to be baptized. We have been teaching this girl called Danielly for about 4 weeks now. She is 15 and has had an answer, she is going to seminary and now we are teaching her family. She is just waiting for her mom to visit the church before she gets baptized because she wants her family to see where she is going. So it is just a matter of time for her and her family.
We are also teaching a woman called Jaqueline that is the mom of two kids that have already been baptized and she started going to church when we invited her and has been going since. She is a little bit different she knows that the church is true and loves the church but doesn't have the desire to be baptized yet. She has some fears about being baptized and not being able to stay strong in the church and fall away or commit a sin and start to fall away from the church. We are helping her out and the only other problem is that she isn't married. She has lived with her (husband) for 18 years but never got married and is undecided whether or not she wants to get married or not so we have some stepping stones, but we are getting there.
This week on Saturday is the start of Carnival and so we all have to be in our homes at 5:00 O clock. It appears everyday and will go until the 8th of March so that's 4 days.
My companion is going to get his patriarchal blessing this Saturday so I am way excited for him and he is way excited too.
Let me think I don't think that I have anything else to write about for this week so I guess that we will talk next week. I love you all very much send my love to all the family. Love your son Elder Crittenden

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