Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14th e-mail

Dear Dad and Mom, So this week was way better than last week we weren't robbed haha. We are still living in the staff apartments, which is in the center, so everyday we have to catch a bus to our area, which is rough but it's alright. Alright so about the robbery. There are only 4 Elders that live in our house, but on the second night of the robbery there were 6 of us sleeping in the house. It was my Portuguese set of scriptures that were stolen but I already got a new one from another missionary so I am alright for right now. Although I do miss all of the markings and notes that I had written in my scriptures. I was really sad that they were stolen. I think that it was the same guys the two nights because they tried getting in the same way as the night before. So Danielly (an investigator I asked about) is still going to church. Her family is also hearing from us and going to church and liking the visits. She is still waiting for her mom to go to church. The only problem is that her mom is traveling and she doesn't know when she is getting back. We got a reference from a member this past week that is really,really good. It is a family that has 2 men and a women, We invited them to be baptized this past week for the 26th of this month. It was really funny when I got done saying the day for the baptism the guy didn't say anything. He just stood up and went over to his calender and marked the day and then said that he would have to mark the date in his cell phone afterwards. They went to church on Sunday, which was stake conference, and liked it and that night there was a baptism in our chapel and they also went and watched that and enjoyed it and it's amazing to see their progression. So I am doing just fine with everything here. I found out today that there will be another Area 70 coming to visit us this week and we have a conference with him on Thursday. I am excited for that, Elder Godoy is his name. I can't believe that Wayne got married. That is so crazy. It should be fun getting to know my new bishop here in 7 months. (New bishop in his home ward yesterday) I was hoping that Bishop Berg would stay there at least until I got back but oh well. As for a package. I think that I would like some sweets like always. I am really missing your cinnamon rolls MOM. I don't know, I could maybe use some more phase 10 cards and I think tha'ts about it. I would like some new family photos if you've got some I don't know, stuff like that. I think that that is about all my news for this week. I love you all and miss you lots. Love your son, Elder Crittenden

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